Hi everyone! I'm Isabella Hill. I'm a 20 year old photographer based out of Akron, Ohio. I have been doing photography for about a year. I currently specialize in portrait photography but am branching out into doing landscape, travel, and fashion. 

     I enjoy painting, hiking, and bullet journaling. I have two dogs, Leo & Sophia, and one cat, Sapphira. I also walk and take care of dogs in my spare time. I work at a little taco shop in my town where I spend most of my time.

     My 2020 New Years's resolution was to do a photoshoot every month. So far, I have exceeded that goal & hopefully, I can keep it up.

     If you have any questions or would like to book a session, feel free to fill out the info down below or check out the "book a session" tab!

Akron, Ohio.          bellarosephotos00@gmail.com       360-581-7560 

Portrait Photographer       Freelance Photographer      Nature Photographer


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